model :
"Three Molded Elecrical Control Box ECB-1000Q

  • Integrated design; Front panel proof reaches IP65
  • Single phrase 230VAC; Max Capacity 3 HP
  • Five ways output
  • Schneider breaker
  • Start Standby Mode, Opening and closing time automatic recognition

Product Description

Electric board for small and medium size cold storage

lett dijital pano drawing


General descriptions:

ECB-1000Q is widely used for the small and medium size cold storage, with the function of refrigeration, defrost, fan, light control, alarm and time display.


Super-Big display area shows all necessary information

Directly controls heavy loads with up to 3HP relay

Icon LEDs status display

Password Protection avoids accidental tampering by personnel

Real-Time-Clock really schedules and fixes defrost time

Defrost force function

Energy save function at night


Technical parameters:

Power Supply: 220VAC±10%,50/60Hz

Power Consumption: Less than 5W

Temperature Measuring Range: -45℃~99℃

Accuracy: ±1℃

Temperature Controlling Range -40ºC℃~90℃

Resolution: 0.1℃/1℃ or 1F Relay Capacity of Compressor:

          Compressor     50A/240VAC     Max. capacity of controlling the compressor: 3P

          Defrost             8A/220VAC

          Fan                  5A/220VAC     Max. capacity of controlling the fan: 500W

          Light                 5A/220VAC    Max. capacity of controlling the light: 300W

Alarm 5A/220VAC

Storage Temperature: -20℃~75℃

Work Temperature: -5℃~60℃

Sensor Type: NTC(10KΩ/25℃,B-3435K)


Introduction of indicator light

 Switch                     On: Starting up         Off: Power off

Lett dijital refrigeration Refrigeration           On: Refrigerating         Flash: Refrigeration delay       Off: Refrigeration stop

lett dijital fan Fan                         On: Fan working        Off: Fan stop

Lett dijital light Light                       On: Light on              Off: Light off

lett dijital defrost Defrost                   On: Defrosting           Off: Defrost stop

lett dijital alarm Alarm                      On: System alarm      Off: No alarm

lett dijital energy conservation Energy conservation            On: Energy saving mode of night                   Off: Normal mode



Configuration Chart

lett dijital pano configuration chart

lett dijital pano configuration chart



Wiring diagram

lett dijital pano wiring diagram

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