YZ26 Motors

model :
YZ26 Series Shaded Pole Motors

Operating type : S1
Protection class : IP44
Insulation class : H
Ambient temperature : -40ºC ~ -60ºC

Product Description

Shaded Pole Motor

* YZ series motors are shaded pole motors with single-phrase and four-pole, and running at the rated
voltage/frequency of 220-240V, 50/60Hz or 110-120V, 60Hz. They are widely applied to radiators,
evaporators and other refrigeration equipments.

* The output power is from 5W to 34W, which can be adjusted according to the stack’s length.

* The insulation class of the motors is H, and the protection class of that is IP44.

* Motors of output power below 10W have impedance protection, and motors of output power above
10W have thermal protectors whose cut-off temperature is 135ºC ±5ºC.

* The applicable environment temperature of the motors is from -40ºC to +60ºC.

* The average working life of the motors is over 20000 hours.

* We recommend horizontal installation as our standard motors have oil bearings. In the meanwhile,
we can produce motors with ball bearings according to clients’ need.

* All of the shaded pole motors have attained CE, VDE, Rohs, and CCC certificates.

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